Is Greed really Good?

"Greed" the most used and often necessary in today's World but is it really a necessity for us??
You might Think Yourself to be one of the most faithful and Loyal to other's but look at your innerside You will surely find something that might confuse you you are mer 

Understanding The World We Live in.

So what do you call The World ? A place where all the Living Beings and natural Fauna and Frauna reside? A place(Cubicle) Where you merely think you know it all but in turn you know nothing at all? There are as many interpretations of worlds as much there are humans around here.

So Why understand it??
I will give you a great reason why.
There are mainly three types of people for the Human Civilization described in the ancient Indian Veda These three types of People are:-
  • Satvika
  • Rajasika
  • Tamasika
Let's Start with Their interpretions:-
  • Satvika-(सात्विक) means "Pure".
  • Rajasika(राजसिक) means "Egoistic"
  • Tamasika(तामसिक) means "Selfcented and the most Shrude".
Now why I am telling you these Sanskrit words? In the sense I want you to know that Old Civilizations were not as Foolish as we think of them,Look Pal Open your Eyes you will Surely find that Every person You meet has Either of these three Qualities.